Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2017


Models in Albus Lumen, backstage photo taken by me

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival is over for another year!

It definitely lived up to expectations, Perth Now’s article presented a sneak peak into the launch and what was to be expected.

Now that the festival is over, let’s talk about some of the highlights that this year’s festival brought to the local fashion industry. I was lucky enough to assist with the production of Claremont Quarter Fashion Lunch, which kicked off the festival with a bang! The show was styled by one of Perth’s most successful stylists Ivanna Fontana; who also produced the show. It was held at Beaumode On The Point, featuring a runway show presenting retailers David Jones, Manning Cartell and Camilla, just to name a few! Bold colours and prints featured on the runway were a standout! It was the perfect start to the festival.

pff 2

Alice McCall details! Backstage photo taken by me

Fashion Paramount definitely lived up to expectations with its new venue Crown Pyramid and Opening Night was a great success! This location was perfect for the runway show; it had great lighting, space and the layout of the runway and backstage area was well suited. Whether you were working backstage or attending as a guest, it felt like an exclusive fashion palace. Opening night was styled by Mark Vassallo, who flew over from Sydney, just for the show. The styling was incredible; embroidery and sequins meets flannel shirts and funky vibes, along with soft couture pieces with exquisite detailing. Amazing feature headpieces for Monster Alphabets and ‘All White Everything’ for Albus Lumen paired with detailed shell accessories. It was well worth the long hours to be a part of all the behind the scenes action and work with some of Perth’s best fashion creatives on this show.

Working behind the scenes at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

Working on Claremont Quarter Fashion Lunch and Opening Night through the creation process increased my skill level and understanding on a deeper level. I got first hand experience on a production level, as well as witnessing the hustle and bustle of working backstage. I learnt so much from stylist and project manager Ivanna Fontana and her assistant Dhiva Shini. I would say, although fashion is glamorous, it’s extremely hard work! However, if you’re passionate about the industry you will be rewarded through the opportunities you are offered, to express yourself creatively and find your own unique identity. The festival is successful because it’s beaming with a variety of inspirational talent; that expresses its own irreplaceable identity. That covers the festival for another year; I can’t wait to see what next year will bring!


First Glance at Fashion

MP 22
Amazing fashion Illustration by my favourite Michelle Pike
(Reproduced with permission from Michelle Pike)

Introducing fashion 

If you love being inspired and challenged then fashion is definitely an industry that can offer endless creative opportunities. It’s a dynamic environment that’s continuously evolving and adapting with new trends. It never gets boring and offers a number of ways to express individuality and find your own unique identity. As Coco Chanel once notably said: “In order to be irreplaceable one must be different”. There are many reasons why fashion is so remarkable; just take a look at Vogue’s article which presents some of the best designers and fashion icons, sharing their thoughts on the industry. It gives an idea about what the fashion industry is about by presenting the most inspirational quotes of all time.

WA local fashion

Western Australia has produced many amazing designers and is known for its exceptional fashion events that showcase local, national and international looks. Fashion Council WA is a not for profit organisation that promotes WA creatives, forging connections with a variety of industry professionals and fashion creatives through strong partnerships with government organisations and elite sponsors. This offers an opportunity for local brands to showcase their designs while being able to work alongside larger international designers. This diversity unveils many different facets of the fashion industry. There are always new and exciting events that will inspire you to get creative and find your own voice through fashion.


Fashion illustration of Jontè Designs Forget Me Not collection by  Michelle Pike
(Reproduced with permission from Michelle Pike )

There are many inspirational and successful Creatives in WA; however, one of my all time favourite designers would have to be Jontè. These designs empower women and best represent femininity with elegance. Using a variety of different high quality fabrics and hand-beaded pieces, women are encouraged to be proud and confident. It has a classy and beautiful persona; there is no other designer quite like this! Jonté is continuously producing high quality artistic pieces that feature in major Perth fashion and community events, including one of Perth’s biggest:  Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. Jonté’s newest Forget Me Not collection was featured on the runway at this year’s festival and I was lucky enough to be in front row to watch all the magic unfold.


Runway images taken by me

This industry is constantly producing exciting new content and there is always something new that can inspire you. Follow me for more blog posts about upcoming fashion events, top picks for the season, and more about my experiences in fashion!






Why Fashion


Runway Image taken by me

Fashion has been a passion of mine from a very young age. The first time I realised I had an interest in this industry was when I was 12 years old. I had gone to my first expo in Perth whilst my mother was shopping around, I remember watching the fashion parade with total fascination. In this moment I was intrigued by the unique and beautiful fashion, and mesmerised by the designs, models and how the show was constructed. To learn more about fashion, I enrolled in a ‘Fashion, Modelling and Etiquette’ course that introduced me to this world. This allowed me to experience how it all works first hand, from here my interest grew exponentially.

Continuing to expand my experience developed my love for the fashion industry. Growing up I had an influential mentor and family friend who was involved in fashion and theatre production, this is where I gained much insight into what it was like to work behind the scenes and view the creative process. I would attend theatre productions backstage from the age of 13; just seeing how much time and effort went into producing the plays was so exciting to be around and the make-up was so creative, it was like looking at a masterpiece in motion. The transformation of the characters in the play was inspiring; I would watch many plays, such as Shakespeare’s Mid Summer Night’s Dream and became totally entranced. I soon began working backstage doing make up for stage productions and working in the design studio with my family friend. Working closely with such a creative soul, I realised I wanted to be a part of this dynamic and creative world.

Surrounded by an environment that offered endless opportunities to express my creativity; I spent majority of my time from the age of 14 doing styling courses and developed a particular love for vintage fashion. My style ICON soon became Christian Dior, I fell in love with haute couture and classic pieces; I loved seeing them adapted into current trends. Here is one of the very first Dior pieces from the 40’s I fell in love with, this was the moment Christian Dior made his mark in fashion history, this became an iconic look that continues to inspire fashion creatives and the House of Dior today!

dior 2

Dior new look bar jacket and pleated skirt 1947, Image taken from Dior

My love for fashion grew rapidly as I loved being in an environment that was dynamic, creative, glamorous and yet extremely hard work at the same time. It’s an industry that pushes you to succeed under extreme pressure, with its fast paced environment that is continuously growing and changing whilst providing you with ways to express your identity through what you create.